The Simply Stated Story

Decades of leading fantastically talented teams building software in the old ways convinced us that our industry needs a change.

How we started

Simplicity matters. If we had to distill the combined learnings of decades of experience building software and leading talented teams and organizations into two words, that's it. Simplicity is explicit, cohesive, single-purpose, understandable.

Yet, our common tools, paradigms, and languages push us towards complex solutions. It's so easy to add that one line of code where it doesn't belong, add that tiny implicit dependency, or ignore that pesky "edge case."

We started Simply Stated because there is a better way. It's been around forever. But without a modern ecosystem, easy integration into existing stacks, and tooling to make your friends jealous, it never quite caught on. We built Simply Stated to fill that gap, to solve our embarrassment at our industry's inability to quickly ship software that actually works, and to help you bring the users who depend on you a better experience than they ever thought possible.

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We’re a principle-driven company with strong values

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We believe ethics matter

We have moral obligations to employees, customers, and partners. There is a moral imperative to enable humans to build large systems that work. We optimize profit subject to ethical constraints.

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We're proud of our work

Anything we choose to do, we do as well as we can. We optimize for speed of shipping value to customers subject to the constraint that we are maximally proud of our work.

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We aim for simplicity

In the Rich Hickey sense. We solve problems by pulling things apart, creating generic, single-purpose capabilities that we can compose into many solutions we haven't yet dreamt of.

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We're bold

We are bold, not incremental. We start from first principles to discover true solutions. We build products and a business that matter!

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We walk the walk

We see every challenge and every moment as an opportunity to build trust through costly action. We believe that, repeated consistently over time, those actions become our reputation.

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We own end-to-end

Assembly line techniques and firmly delineated roles may work elsewhere but not here. Insight comes from dirty hands and breadth of experience. Each team member does it all.

Start building software that works

Simple and easy, Simply Stated means you do less work and get better software.

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