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statechart love

Statecharts have been around for 35 years and have garnered a lot of love from just about anyone who's tried them.

David Harel, inventor of statecharts

"[I]n came... a member of the 'customer' requirements team, [he] was smart and intelligent, but he had never seen a state machine... before... He stared for a moment at this picture... and then said, 'I think you have a mistake down here, this arrow should go over here and not over there'; and he was right."

Ian Horrocks, Professor of Computer Science, Oxford

"Code reviews for the modules constructed using a bottom-up approach were difficult and time consuming. Design and code reviews of the statechart modules were quick and effective because the software could be understood by reviewers."

Ed Benowitz, NASA/JPL/Caltech

"Advantages: Code and documentation are always in sync; More precise diagrams; Easier to accommodate changes late in the game; Encourages communication between systems, flight, test; Forces the developer to consider off-nominal scenarios"

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