Simply Stated Analytics for XState
Oct 2, 2022

Hello World! Get ready for Simply Stated Analytics for XState.

Trace every user session transition-by-transition and analyze real user flows through your XState statecharts.

Hello World! Get ready for Simply Stated Analytics for XState.

Hello World!

World, say hello to Simply Stated :)

Our goal is to help make software orders of magnitude more reliable and orders of magnitude easier to build and we're planning to do that by wildly simplifying the main source of bugs we've seen: application logic. And we're going to do that by contributing to the ecosystem of tooling and services available for statecharts.

To start, we're going to make it ridiculously easy for XState users to get unfettered insight into every step that every user took while using your app. You'll be able to trace individual user sessions transition by transition. You'll be able to analyze aggregate flows through your statechart, cohorted by XState context properties. You'll be able to instantly export a test case when you find something that seems troublesome.

Simply Stated Analytics for XState.

That's where we're starting.

We have a lot more work to do after that though.

Because they're declarative and formally structured, statecharts are incredibly amenable to tooling and analysis. Our goal is to exploit that beautiful structure to create a developer experience we can't even imagine yet.

Come join us for the ride.

Adam Berger
Adam Berger
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