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Omniscient XState observability and statechart toolkit coming soon
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  • Define your app logic easily and declaratively using xstate
  • One command and 2 lines of code to register a machine for full observability
  • Seamlessly collect every state transition
  • Run your app with full confidence
  • Enjoy comprehensive, step-by-step analytics and instant replay debugging
  • Give your users software that actually works; they'll love you for it

Your users will
surprise you

Users do the darnedest things. But you already know that. That's why you're using statecharts to begin with. With Simply State analytics for XState, you can take advantage of your existing investment in declarative logic to auto-generate step-by-step analytics and transition-by-transition debugging through our simple hosted solution.

Analytics flow
Advanced Campaign Monitoring - Human X Webflow Template
Auto-generated analytics

Understand every step your users take

Representing your flows in statecharts lets Simply Stated provide analytics and a step-by-step debugging automatically.

Funnel Reports - Human X Webflow Template
Automatic funnel (err... graph!) analysis
Monitor Marketing Campaigns - Human X Webflow Template
Cohort audiences by XState context properties
Creativity - Human X Webflow Template
Explore real behavior, not just idealized funnels
Detailed User Analytics - Human X Webflow Template
Instant-replay debugging

Follow individual sessions as they transition through your state machines

You invested in statecharts because they make debugging a snap. Simply Stated brings those same superpowers you love in dev all the way to prod.

Detailed Contact Data - Human X Webflow Template
Every user, every session
Advanced Reports - Human X Webflow Template
Step through every action, visually
Tracking Code - Human X Webflow Template
Instantly export test cases from real, production usage
Next-gen Analytics Software - Human X Webflow Template

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"[I]n came... a member of the 'customer' requirements team, [he] was smart and intelligent, but he had never seen a state machine... before... He stared for a moment at this picture... and then said, 'I think you have a mistake down here, this arrow should go over here and not over there'; and he was right."

David Harel

Inventor of statecharts

"Code reviews for the modules constructed using a bottom-up approach were difficult and time consuming. Design and code reviews of the statechart modules were quick and effective because the software could be understood by reviewers."

Ian Horrocks

Constructing the User Interface with Statecharts

"Advantages: Code and documentation are always in sync; More precise diagrams; Easier to accommodate changes late in the game; Encourages communication between systems, flight, test; Forces the developer to consider off-nominal scenarios"

Ed Benowitz


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Simple and easy, Simply Stated means you do less work and get better software.

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